My work is derived from influences far and wide and inspired by the natural world and in particular the British Isles and it’s diverse range of birds. It is important to me to capture the essence of the subject acting out natural behaviour. Drawing has always been of paramount importance to my work and I consider it the most immediate and effective device for responding to what I absorb and interpret. It is the framework for which I build what I want to say about the natural world. My view is that originality is born out of understanding and appreciating good practice and what we are emotionally receptive to, then reconfiguring and adding our own personal interpretations to create a unique combination.


I am interested in my pieces being appreciated as objects, striving to increase their perceived value, almost as if they are unearthed or reclaimed artifacts. I try to emphasise this point by encasing them in a box reminiscent of a museum piece, as opposed to a conventional frame. I want the physical window through which we view the picture to be just as valued and relevant as the image itself, with the aim of heightening the viewers emotional response. It is important that the craft in the construction of each piece is there for all to admire and appreciate.


When it comes to mark making I look at my subject as very much a physical entity and try and understand its three dimensional and anatomical properties such as looking at form, proportion, structure and weight distribution, as well as behaviour and interaction with its environment. I approach the process of drawing as if I am sculpting using directional marks, skimming across the surface of the subject to try and explain and emphasise form. I believe that this network of marks brings the subject to life and helps speak to the viewer more directly. I have always been drawn to the textural qualities of nature and how I can communicate these, not only through the picture that I portray, but also in the materials that I use for its foundation, in order to create a sense of harmony reflected in the subject.

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